Celebrity Look Alike Generator - Find What Celebrity Do You Look Like!

Celebrity Look A Like Generator

Find out who do you look like!

The Celebrity Look A Like Generator will return the Top 10 Celebrities which best match a human face in a photo. The faces are automatically detected. In order find who do you look like you have to submit a photo. The photos can be uploaded from your computer, taken from Facebook, sent via an image URL and even through webcam capture.
Tips   Tips...For Better Results
Tips Instead of uploading more photos, you can upload a single photo with more than one face. The system will execute the face recognition on each face independently. Tips The get the best results, please upload photos with large, frontal faces without occlusions. You can also try more photos of the same person and see which celebrity appears the most. That is your celebrity look alike.

Step 1 - Upload your Photo -


Step 2 - Detecting Faces -


Step 3 - Face Recognition -

face_recognition face_recognition

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